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Successful in the Film & Fashion industry for over 20 years, Buell Designs provides Fashion Styling / Wardrobe & Image Consulting, Home Styling & Staging, as well as Set Design and Styling to the Film & TV industry in Canada and the US.
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Atlantic Canadian homeowners and designers share their best DIY decorating projects. See how you can energize your décor without spending a lot of money.


De-cluttering is the most cost-effective way to refresh any space.
Sometimes the smallest changes will go the furthest. “Reestablishing your artwork or family photos is a super simple way to refresh a room,” says Billie-Jane Buell, a Charlottetown-based interior designer and set designer for the Food Network. Pick frames that complement each other in shape, texture, color or size. Make mats the same color for a more unifying look when grouping photos together. “Another way to display your pictures and artwork in a more 2011- style is to simply lean them on a shelf, ledge or mantel,” Buell says. You can also freshen up your walls by printing photos in black and white or sepia tones.
Paint, compared to replacing furniture, is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up a room. You can create flow in your home by picking a wall color palette of similar shades of one color. “Select a color that reflects your personality,” says Buell. Buell has one final tip on how to make a space look better and even bigger for free: “De-cluttering is the most cost-effective way to refresh any space,” she says, noting that furniture placement in a room is also important. “Many of us are guilty of overcrowding furniture in a room…Less is always more when it comes to furniture.”
Getting rid of unnecessary furniture and doing some rearranging helps highlight the clean lines of your room and creates focal points of your best pieces. Plus, the items you place curbside can become someone else’s new treasure.
Avril Brown of Prep Staging in Halifax recovered this padded headboard with a brown tablecloth from Home Sense for $8. She bought the floral pillow for $15 and the brown coverlet for $38, also from Home Sense. She found the nightstand at Value Village for $35, though she paid $150 to refinish it.”

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